“This is scary!” Said my wife when she saw this photo.I understand. I call this the Dirty Dozen.

This is an illustration for a class about being able to change different areas of an image by locking the camera down on a tripod and making multiple exposures. This can be helpful with large groups of people to get good expressions and body positions. It can be useful when doing outdoor portraits and clouds are scudding across the sky leaving their shadow impressions on the landscape. A good background capture can be made and then concentrate on getting the people looking good without worrying about the rest of the photo. Sometimes you want to get the light source closer to the subject for a better lighting pattern yet it would then be in the frame. You can shoot with the light in the frame and then remove it in post. Very cool stuff indeed.

I captured the images with the Lumix GH3 mounted on a tripod and connected my phone with the on-board WIFI. Control of the camera is with an APP from Panasonic. In addition to tripping the shutter you can control almost all the functions on the camera including shooting modes and see the image on the phone or I-pad.

dirty dozen photoCourthouse Butte in Sedona, Arizona with twelve Bobs