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Elite Photographer Designation

I have been fortunate to receive the Professional Photographers Association Elite Photographer again for 2019. I also received a 25 – Plus bar signifying an additional 25 Merits earned.

So what are these ‘merits’?

They’re essentially a way for a photographer to learn and grow professionally while becoming more active in the industry. You can earn different kinds of merits, all of which are guaranteed to make you a more well-rounded professional photographer! merits are earned through image competition, teaching and service to the industry

elite photographer ppaElite Certificate and 25 – Plus Merit bar

There’s a reason this is such a prestigious level of PPA membership. It requires a lot of hard work and professional accomplishments. It cannot be requested or bought. One automatically qualifies for Elite status when all of the requirements are met by December 31st of each year:

  • Certified Professional Photographer
  • Master of Photography or Master Artist degree
  • Scored four for four on images from a single case from the most recent IPC (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, or diamond)
  • Earned two non-photographic merits that year
  • And be a PPA member in good standing

    Proud to be a PPA member. If you have any questions about the benefits and reasons to be a member get in touch.

    Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob


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  1. George Hawkins on said:

    Very special Bob. Congratulations

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