World Record Family Portrait


Know thy client.

I was capturing a recurring family portrait of a family that is still growing. Having photographed Josh and his family previously on several occasions I knew that attention spans, especially with the younger children (as almost always with those two and under) would be short. This knowledge led to the decision to do a studio shoot vs. going on location.

josh fmaily portraitHere’s the final family portrait. Framed 20 inches

Basically when photographing families the time you have with them is dependent upon the shortest attention span of a single person. Knowing I’d be working with a ten-month-old and a two-year-old I felt the chances for a long session had short odds. I planned accordingly.

I was correct.

The secret is getting the final image as quickly as possible. One of the advantages of working in our digital world is if you are working on a set with consistent lighting, camera on a tripod and a good memory of who has already given you a good solid expression and body posture you can composite a final image with good emotions and body posture by all.

Josh, his wife and five children had an appointment for ten o’clock on a Saturday morning. The clock struck ten  and they are working thier way into the studio, changing a few clothing choices and brushig hair. The usual final prep before the camera work begins.initial photograph10:08 AM everyone is preened and ready. First exposure made. Family roughed into position.

Family portrait beginning meltdown10:11 AM 10-month-old, and moments later, two-year-old basically melt down. Session over but I know there’s a solid family image to be had with a bit of post-production work.

layers palette from fmaily portraitLayers Palette with a couple of swapped people

Is this an award-winning family portrait. Probably not in a competition setting, but it is a winner in the family memory and documentation.

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob