If you are a photographer trying to sell your artwork and use Fine Art America to sell or want to sell your artwork I’ve got some information that will be extremely helpful for you if you aren’t already aware…

Fine Art America has a wonderful system that allows you to display your images in galleries, as individual pieces and even more important show what your images would look like in various treatments like framed, framed and matted, on canvas, as gallery wrap, acrylics, cards etc. You can keyword your entries and of course they have the shopping cart and fulfillment of your orders. If you were to try and build this kind of web site for yourself as a stand alone I would think it would be around $10,000 if not more. A bit out of reach for the average artist photographer. The problem is you are lumped in with over 100,000 artists selling their work. If you drive traffic to this site you are also competing with all these other artists whose pricing may be quite a bit less than yours…


My personal page on Fine Art America. Note the branding is for Bob Coates Photography not FAA.

You can have all the features available at Fine Art America in your own PERSONAL web space. Why is this important? If you drive traffic to your personal FAA web page ONLY YOUR IMAGES are available. For example, when you do a search for black and white images or use the navigation search bars on the side on my FAA site see the different results below.


Search window for Black and White images http://1-bob-coates.artistwebsites.com Note branding & all images are from Bob Coates Photography


Result from search on main FAA web site page. Note branding and results are from everyone on FAA.

As you can see Fine Art American now has the ability to allow you to have your own personal web space so when you drive traffic to the site it is to see your, and only your images. This takes away a problem I had with Fine Art America in the past. Here is the Admin page and the place to set up your own web site within FAA. You will still be seen on the main side with searches but people who come to this particular address where you have driven traffic will be your alone.

admin page in FAA

Look for the ‘Your Own Website’ option in your FAA Admin page.

Here is the text from Your Own Website.


This is your very own website.   Take a look!   It’s an extremely powerful promotional tool for your artwork.   You’ve got all of the features of Fine Art America packed into your very own, fully-customizable website.   You can login to your website here using your Fine Art America username and password.

Happy promoting and selling!

Yours in Creative Photography,        Bob