Cliff Castle Casino Fireworks Photography

Fireworks! Always beautiful and fun to view.

And, interesting to photograph.

These were taken Sunday night July 3rd with a LumixGX8 and 7-14mm f4.0 Vario lens. Settings f8 ISO 200 for five seconds.

firewors burst photoSingle five-second exposure

fireworks imageThis burst was one of my favorite captures for the evening

cliff castle casino composite phhotoComposite image with the Casino, which was behind me and the fireworks in front of me.

fireworks composite imageFireworks composite image.

There’s a secret o create composite fireworks images. Develop each image to be it’s best. Drag and drop the images one above another as Layers. The secret is to change the Blend Mode of the Layer to Screen. The mathematics behind Screen mode makes all the dark area of the sky to disappear only allowing the light from the image to register. (Bonus tip: if the fireworks burst is not as bright was you wish to make a copy of the layer and the lighted areas will become brighter. Too bright? Lower the opacity to taste) The next move is to place the bursts where you would like them using the Transform tool. Once the photos have been rearranged, there will be areas that need to be masked out. Adding a Layer mask and painting with black will conceal the unwanted information on the Layer.

File this post away for the next time you get ready to photograph fireworks.

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob