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I don’t normally get too political. We are an amazing country with lots to be proud of. Lately though we seem to have been backsliding into a morass.

The Newsroom

I will share this clip from the show ‘The Newsroom‘ and ask that you take a moment to watch, listen and process. I think this was from 2012. Don’t get me wrong. We have a great country. Unfortunately, it appears we have been heading down a track of nationalism and ‘me-ism’ that has derailed many of the things which we valued in the past. As this clip is from 2012 our problems obviously didn’t start in 2015 or 2016. They have been building for years. I liken it to the frog in the pot of water that is set on heat. Because the heat builds up slowly it is not noticed until it is too late.

I believe much of our problem has to do with too much money being involved in our political system.

Believing everything you see and sharing it on social media without vetting the information and the source.

Media outlets being under the control of too few people.

Entertainment shows parading as ‘news outlets’ and spewing hate and derision across the airwaves. Hate and fear sell more. I think the terminology used to be ‘If it bleeds it leads.’ Why do we have to constantly see all the bad news without another voice showing all the good that is happening, Every. Single. Day.

We see so much bad news reported that it becomes the only thing we think is in the country.

The best line from this monologue is, “The first step in fixing a problem is recognizing there is one.”

What can we do as individuals?

Perhaps each one of us can begin the healing process one step at a time. Don’t call names. Check your posts before you share. Share as much good news as you can.

I’ll let the clip speak for itself and ask what can we do to get back on track?

Yours in Creative Photography,   (if a bit off subject in today’s post)       Bob

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