Arizona PPA had it’s convention this past weekend. Of course it included the annual imaging competition and as usual I entered images for feedback on new work I am creating. I am always trying to create new artistic looks and it’s good to get feedback from my peers in a formal setting like imaging competition.

My results were favorable. I was awarded the Emil Eger Photographer of the Year Award, first place in the Masters Commercial, Portrait and Illustrative categories. The American Society Of Photographers award was also presented given for having the highest scoring image by an ASP member. This was the 15th time being named to the AZPPA Top Ten in 16 years.
While receiving awards is good for the ego (and sending press releases) the real value is in receiving opinions of fellow photographers to find flaws that were not apparent when working up the images. I found some things to tweak as a result of hearing the challenges between the jurors during judging…

I’ll share my entries here. Wouldn’t mind some feedback from you too…


‘Awakening’ scored 86


‘Catrina – Day of the Dead’ scored 83


‘Old World Juniper’ scored 81


‘Last Stand’ scored 83


‘Sandhill Cranes’ scored 88


‘Sarasota Polo Magazine Comps’ scored 84

I always recommend getting your images into competition for review. Remember it’s not a competition against the other photographers… It’s against yourself and the opportunity to grow your skills.

Yours in creative Photography,       Bob