The band Hotfoot out of Phoenix packed the house at Sound Bites Grill in Sedona last Friday night. Good sounds that make the feet move are the reason this five piece band filled the place.


Wall of Fame image for the band Hotfoot. All photos are captured during the live performance. Then each musician is isolated from their photo using masks and combined using Adobe Photoshop layers into another document. Lighting and shadow effects are used to add depth and dimension. Finally multiple textures are added in Layers with different blend modes to create the artistic rendition of the group.

hootfoot band photo

Additionally I capture ‘straight’ photos for future publicity photos for when the band returns. Even these are worked using multiple captures as often the different band members are in a better position in alternate photos. For example there was one photo where three of the band members looked good but the drummers face was obscured behind his cymbals and one of the singers face was behind a microphone.

sound bites grill with the band hotfoot

This is more for showing the restaurant in full swing with live music as the backdrop.

The photos were captured with the Lumix GH4 with the 35-100mm f2.8 Vario lens. This camera has enough Dynamic Range to cover the LED stage lighting with a little post processing knocking down the highlights and opening up the shadows just a bit using Adobe Camera Raw.

Yours in Creative Photography,    Bob

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