imaging USA 2019 – atlanta, ga part two

Imaging USA 2019 – Atlanta, GA Part Two

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I mentioned networking in my last post as a reason for attending Professional Photographers of America’s Imaging USA. Let me add that it is a great time to recognize the achievements of your fellow photographers.

American Society of Photographers – Fellowship

One of these events is the American Society of Photographers Banquet. There is more networking, of course, but so much more. ASP has worked very hard over the past couple years to become more inclusive and make the awards banquet something to really look forward to. There were two new ASP Fellows Ella Carlson and Kristi Elias. While their images and papers have not been posted as yet on the ASP site you can get an idea by checking out other ASP Fellow papers (ASP Fellows)

Kristi Elias photo One of twenty-five images submitted by Kristi for the Fellowship. See the rest of her images and read her paper for more of her fascinating photographic journey! Image © Kristi Elias – 2019 All Rights Reserved.

ella carlson imageHere’s a link into Ella’s exquisite world of Aliens used in attaining her Fellowship.
Image © Ella Carlson 2019 All Rights Reserved.

Eligibility to apply for the ASP Fellowship requires that an individual hold at least one of the PPA Master degrees, be a current ASP member in good standing, AND have acquired 15 additional print merits AFTER receiving their degree during contiguous years of ASP membership.

The applicant must complete a minimum of three consecutive years membership in ASP prior to application. A thesis/personal paper of at least 2000 words providing insight into their photographic or artistic journey, influences, philosophies and passion that make them the photographer or artist they are today.

The applicant must also submit a portfolio of 25 exquisite images characteristic of his or her finest work that is a visual representation of their written paper.

Recipients of the Fellowship must maintain membership in ASP and PPA.

American Society of Photographers – Educational Associate

Steve Clark earned his Education Associate. (read Steve’s paper here) The ASP Educational Associate is conferred on those special individuals who actively participate and promote the ideals and philosophies of the organization beyond the initial recognition given with their acceptance into the Society. It is available to all active, life, honorary life and international members of the Society that hold a PPA Craftsman degree.

The ASP Educational Associate requires that an individual hold the PPA Photographic Craftsman degree, be a current ASP member in good standing, AND have acquired 30 additional speaking, teaching, or writing merits AFTER receiving their degree during contiguous years of ASP membership.

The applicant must write a paper of at least 4000 words of individual research and thought that demonstrates the applicant’s mastery of the field and supports a position for a new idea, development or trend. (read other ASP Associate papers here)

Hmmm. This post has gone on for a while guess I’ll be adding a part three to these Imaging USA posts.

Yours in creative Photography,      Bob

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