infrared at the wetlands

Wetlands and Creek Photography – Infrared Capture

I’m a fan of the look and feel of infrared photography. Part of the beauty is that you can take the time of day that is usually dead for photography as far as making interesting images that have the light that helps highlight your subject. Most photographers will tell you midday is not a great time for photography.

I’ve found that using an IR converted camera can take that flat light and give us a different feel for the scene. Things that seem to work best with infrared image capture include skies with clouds and greenery. The best time for infrared photography? 10 AM to 2 PM under full sun. Here are a couple of images from the local wetlands area between Sedona and Cottonwood.

sedona wetlands infrared photoReeds, water, and clouds make for an image with lots of contrast options. Lumix G6 (This link is to the Lumix G7 as the G6 is no longer avaiable. Remember, almost any camera you have in your quiver can be converted. Usually, it’s whatever you have moved on from to get more use) with 14-140mm lens converted to infrared by LifePixel

IR photo sedona wetlandsCaptured last year with the same gear as above

oak creek image infrared imageFrom Oak Creek in the canyon between Sedona and Flagstaff

Now, as with all image making, there are exceptions to every rule. Many images of destinations can be made at that very flat light time between 10 AM and 2 PM in full sun. Usually, it is a time to show deep blue skies and white puffy clouds with either palm trees and beaches or red rock vistas from out west.


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