International Photographic Competition – Pt 3


I can get some work done.

Like many photographers around the country, I have been watching the judging of the International Photographic Competition hosted by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

hiding image by bobo coates‘Hiding’ – General Collection Artist Category – This image of model and mask, performer, and artist Pash Gabalvy of Sedona was an effort to create a painterly feel to this capture. May have processed this one a bit too dark.

I submitted eight images. Four in the Photographic Open and four in the Artist category. Of the eight images presented, Three images were not accepted. One was accepted into the General Collection earning a Merit. Four were deemed to be ‘best of the best’ and accepted into the prestigious Loan Collection.

I can share the ‘less successful’ images that Merited or were not accepted, but not the Loan Collection images as there will be additional judging of those images for the Grand Imaging Awards which will be announced at the Imaging USA convention in San Antonio, TX in January.

eagle by bob coates‘Eagle’ – Was not accepted. The Artist Category is judged based on the final image but also the difficulty and execution of the artwork itself. I will rework this image and try again.

Notice I did not say, ‘unsuccessful’ I said, ‘less than successful.’ We always want our images to score well, but I believe I learn just as much, if not more, from those that don’t. Why? I have been experimenting with lots of new capture techniques, new painting techniques in creating art from my images and different ways of processing photos. I get feedback on why the treatments and processing didn’t work, and I can grow my skills with that information.

night watch photo coates‘Nightwatch’ – Another Artist submission that fell short in the judge’s opinions. This was challenged, so I received feedback on what the judges found lacking. “No specular highlights on the beak. Some leaves the were a distraction behind the owl’s head. Not enough shape and form on the owl’s body.” I agree with all contentions and will be reworking this image again.

secret canyon‘Secret Canyon’ – Not accepted n the Photographic Open Category
I did not receive feedback on this image yet. My guess is that it might be a little too artistic for the subject. Many pictures of slot canyons have been entered over the years.

That’s my story so far. I’ll follow up with the Loan Collection images after the GIA’s have been selected.

Yours in Creative Photography,         Bob