Well I must say this gave me a surprise! I didn’t even know I was in the running…

The Readers of Kudos Entertainment Magazine in Sedona, Arizona voted me as the Best Photographer for the year Two Thousand and Fourteen.

kudos readers chioce certificate

Readers Choice Award 2014 from Kudos Certificate

I say thank you to all who voted! I appreciate the confidence. If you are in need of photography from the ‘Best’ : )> photographer according to the readers of Kudos give me a call. As always the work I do for you is guaranteed. If you are not not thrilled you get get you money back. Get in touch today to see if we are a good match. All contact info is in the header of this web page or click here.

Above was the post I used on my business page. As a photographer in business you need to leverage all recognition you receive to get the most benefit out of it. So the award is tweeted, Posted on my FB page and posted on LinkedIn. When good things happen you need to help spread the word and ask others to help you do that too…

So with that thought in mind… if you read this post would you be so kind as to send out a tweet and share on your FB page with a link back here? You’ll be doing me a good deed but you’ll also be exposing other photographers to the information I share here on Successful-Photographer. A win-win don’t you think?

Yours in Creative Photography,       Bob