As photographers we have to promote ourselves any way possible. One of the most overlooked is sending out press releases. When I offer that advice to other photographers I often hear, “Oh, I tried that and it didn’t work!” What needs to be realized is that getting press is not a one shot deal it is a process.

The process starts with writing a good release in the format that the editors recognize. When oyu do this the editor knows he or she is probably not wasting time in looking at it to see if there is something of use. Editors are very busy people and are constantly running up against deadlines to fill space with quality news their readers want to see. I’ve got some tips for you along with examples of press that has been published about Bob Coates Photography similar to the Kudos printing the information on awards I was fortunate enough to receive.

kudos press for bob coates photography

Sedona’s Bob Coates honored by peers and jurors for high-quality photography.

Here’s a quick tip for getting more space and exposure. Make sure you have photos of your work, the event and for sure make certain you have included a head shot.

Yours in Creative Photography,         Bob