I don’t want to share this story because it highlights what a bonehead I can be… But – it’s a story that should be told none-the-less.

I placed my iPad in the seat pocket in front of me upon boarding the plane because I knew I’d be listening to music or reading from it during my flight from Phoenix to Tampa.

Fast forward to eleven oh five PM when I wanted to read my iPad before going to sleep. I reached into my briefcase and received instead of the iPad that sinking feeling in my stomach. Instantly but not wanting to acknowledge the fact (and after frantically looking in between everything and tearing the briefcase apart) I knew I’d left it on board the plane.

Made some calls the following morning and no one had turned it in to the Tampa airport as yet but they now had my number and would call me if it was turned in…

Not having a ton of hope I awaited the call from Tampa. None was forthcoming.

Here’s an incoming call from California and it’s Brenda Powell the SMF Shift Manager in Sacramento asking if I am missing an electronic device. “Can you identify it?” You betcha’!! Red covered iPad with lot of images, books and music on it.

Turns out the plane had a full service turn-around in Sacramento and the cleaning crew turned it in and the staff worked their way through my iPad, found my email and tracked me down to return it. I want to share this story ’cause most people only pass on bad experiences and the cleaning crew and rest of the staff deserve to be recognized for their honesty and following through helping with the recovery of my stuff…. Even if I was stupid enough to leave it behind. Cheers to US Airways!

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