Lens Based Artist

It’s been a little tough to get blog posts up and out lately. Our Internet provider has been having some problems and being downstream of those problems has led to slow to non-existent connection to the world. For that, I apologize.

Sometimes you don’t realize how much time is spent connected to the Internet, and how dependent we are, until you don’t have access. This is probably a good reminder for me. In the meantime, it has affected my workflow a fair amount. (that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!)

That said, I have some news to share and a new way to connect so you can hear it. (using the hotspot on my phone)

As you may know, I heave begun working toward moving my photography business to the conceptual art market. I’ve even started a new brand and will be slowly transferring my marketing to the art side. I heard Julianne Kost mention the term Lens Based Artist and it resonated with me. I’m still a photographer and probably always will be but the art I’m producing is far beyond capture and simple processing of a photographic image. It is only the beginning.

lens based artist logo graphic

Here’s my new logo.

Here is an example of the type of imagery on which I am working. You may recognize some of the techniques from classes I have taught over the years, which I call PhotoSynthesis. It uses multiple images, Adobe Photoshop layers, masks, blend modes, brushes and more to create the final art piece.

french horn art image bob coates photography“Horn in F” – PhotoSynthesis Lens Based Art

lens based artist shirts bob coates photography

New shirts with embroidered logos. Made by Queensboro

Shirts are already embroidered. A wax seal has been created to help set my signature apart. Vehicle signage is being designed. And I have an opening at an art gallery as Artist of the Month which I’ll let you know about later.

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob

PS – You get $20 off when you use this link to get your own embroidered shirts from Queensboro