Let’s Talk Panoramic Photography – Part 2

In looking through my files for some examples of in-camera panoramic photos I came across some more examples I wanted to share. I feel the format adds another arrow to the creativity quiver. Here’s a few made with the Lumix GX7.

lumix gx7 2013 panorama photoOutside Salt Lake City – Panorama format is perfect for telling the dramatic landscape story.

utah panorama photoAnother from the Salt Lake City Trip.

guardsmans pass panoramicA different way to share a scene.

As I was going through my photos, I realized I didn’t share a slightly different idea to leverage the in-camera panorama feature. Sometimes the resulting photo just doesn’t quite cut it as far as capturing the scene. Or you want a file that will have a different aspect ratio but is still a panoramic image. Or, you need more pixels but don’t have time to create a full set of images for future stitching. So here’s two rows followed by the final.

panorama stripShowing the dome.p1060488_600pShowing the base.

stitched panorama salt lake cityHere’s the final with the two stitched in-camera panorama images using Adobe Photoshop.

red butte arboretumFrom the Red Butte Arboretum in Salt Lake City.

red butte arboretum panorama photoOne more.

Think about the ways you can use the panorama feature. I don’t have one at my fingertips, but you can also make the panorama vertical.

Yours in creative Photography,      Bob