little lighting lesson

Little Lighting Lesson

I was in Washington speaking to the Professional Photographers of Washington showing a quick lighting demo using a three light setup with Fiilex LED Bricks.

before moving headSubject with no light in the eyes gives a less than stellar appearance.

Once you have lights in position, it can be a very small movement of your subject to get a better image. In this case, changing the head to a slightly higher angle allowed the light to show in the eyes. Catchlights in the eyes adds a lot of life to a portrait. A small change. Big difference.

lightis in eyesThe small change in position allowed the light to leave a catch light behind for a more ‘alive’ look.

fiilex p100 aka the brickFiilex P100

I choose the Fiilex LED’s P100 (AKA the Brick) because they fit easily in my suitcase, are battery powered (approx 2 hours battery life per charge), and have adjustable color and power. With a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of just under 90, there is a large spectrum of color available that is important to look for in LED lighting. Very versatile.

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob


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