“Turn your face toward me please.”

I was talking to my friend Silvio from the back seat of the car. I had just noticed the rim light that was skimming one side of his face. I was shooting into the shadow side of his face AKA ‘short light’ which will tend to have more drama and slim down a person’s features. Here is what I saw…

portrait head shot

Portrait grab of Silvio in a car.

 It’s a great exercise to constantly be looking for lighting patterns in everyday lighting situations. Once you learn to recognize them it becomes A – easier to put people in the proper place when lighting in the field and B – to replicate the light in the studio because you have become more familiar with it.

In this particular case the lens I was using also had the added benefit of very shallow depth of field. Which allowed the background to fall off quickly. This was the LEICA DG NOCTICRON 42.5/F1.2 on the Lumix GH4. 1/400 sec;   f/1.4;   ISO 800 Aperture Priority

silvio head shot

A – Rim light that highlights the edge of the face

B – Shadow side of the face is the larger side meaning this is a short light portrait

C – Bit of a kicker light adds interest and more form

D – Focus fall off AKA Bokeh. Even though the ‘background’ is pretty close it goes quite soft

By the way Silvio is a portrait photographer based in Scottsdale, Arizona you can check out his work here at Silvio Portrait Design.

Yours in Creative Photography,    Bob