lumix gx85 camera

Lumix GX85 Camera

I have only had this camera in my hands for a couple of days, and I’m liking it! The Lumix GX85 was built on the same chassis as the GX7. It’s a body that is small but very comfortable, in my opinion, to handhold. I remember when I took the GX7 out for a test spin about three years ago and didn’t like the feel of the grip when first using it. But as part of the Luminary Team, I was given the assignment to take the camera cross country and make images and send them out for two days. First half day I was uncomfortable with the camera’s feel. By the end of the first day, it was, “I kinda like this camera.” By the end of the second day, I was pleased and comfortable with the feel of the camera.

The other bonus was/is that this camera is very low profile. Combined with the smaller lenses of the micro 4/3rds system I found almost no one who said no to the request of making their picture. A decided difference from the equivalent full frame DSLR gear.

Fast forward to yesterday and photographing some wildlife. I was out scouting a wetlands area just south of Sedona. (who knew, right?) It was the middle of the day, and I wasn’t planning on making any images but just in case I set up the GX85 with the 100-300mm. The camera stabilization is fabulous, and the pictures I took are tack sharp. When photographing wildlife, I like precise detail and was excited by the results from handheld photos. It can be tough using a tripod when chasing flying critters around the marshes.dragon fly photoThis little guy is called the Flame Skimmer or Firecracker Skimmer for obvious reasons. I found chasing dragonflies is a lot like photographing birds in that you need to study behavior patterns to obtain well composed interesting images.

flame skimmer dragonfly detailHere’s a detail of the dragonfly. A little bit of sharpening was added in post using MacPhun’s Creative Kit Focus

dragonfly wildlifeHere’s the under-carriage of another dragonfly. Amazing little critters!

mallard family swim photoI moved to a different area with more water at a place called Bubbling Springs over in Page Springs and found this huge family of Mallards out for an afternoon swim.

mallard duck detailMallard duck detail.

Images were captured with the Lumix 100-300mm Vario f 4.0-6.3 lens. That’s a whole lotta reach for about $550 – Especially when you consider it’s the full frame equivalent of 200-600mm.

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob

PS – Can’t wait to try out the new Lumix G Leica DG Vario-Elmar 100-400mm Lens with this camera.

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