As a photographer you need to be front and center in your town.

The best ways are through referrals and gentle reminders like staying on the pages of your local paper through press releases. As you know you can’t be featured in a press release too often, but you can be featured if you are willing to give back by spending time and sharing your knowledge. Here’s a case in point. I am now writing a monthly column for the newspaper called ‘Photographers Corner’. Here’s the first article.

article by bob coates in Villager newspaper

Article by Bob Coates (hey that’s me!) appeared in The Villager September 1st.

The article will talk about ways a non-photographer may make better images. “Why would you want to tell people how to do your job Bob?” I’m not. I’m helping people who are going to make images better for themselves. These will not be professional photos. When they need professional images they will remember that I was helpful and I have their best interest at heart. Sales trainer and professional speaker Zig Ziglar said that when you help people get what they want you will create a good living for yourself.

The articles will help people and people will remember me when it is time to have professional images made. A win-win-win. “Wait a minute Bob. I only count two wins in your blog post.” Ah the third win is for the newspaper who receive articles to add interest to their pages without having to pay a writer. My payment is exposure and the bio at the end highlighting where people can see some of my work.

I also do a monthly radio show but that’s for a different day… Stay in front of your community there are lots of ways… This is just one.

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob