marketing through service

Sharing your knowledge with others is a form of service and I highly recommend it for helping to keep your face of perspective clients.

I have been writing a newspaper column to help the people in my community to create better photos when they are using their cameras. Several things happen when you think this way and share your knowledge… You give a hand to people. They see that something might be more difficult than they thought which helps to move people away from the thinking that creating a photograph is just pushing a button on the camera. And, you set yourself up as the expert.

Here’s an example of a recent published piece…

newspaper article on photography

Article appeared in the Villager publication in Sedona, Arizona.

The important part from a marketing standpoint is the last piece that says, “Professional Photographer Bob Coates is a 16 year resident of VOC. To see more of his work check the web: Commercial,; photography education,; artwork,”

How are you marketing your business???

Yours in Creative Photography,    Bob

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