Press Releases & Marketing

Keeping your name out in front of your community is a very important part of running your photography business. This means getting out to networking meetings, getting displays in busy businesses, social media and using every possible way to have people think of you first when the subject of photography comes up.

red rock news articleThis story appeared in the Sedona Red Rock News

Press releases can play a big part in this area of your business. Many people say they don’t know what, or how, to write press releases. It is not terribly difficult. you can see some of my press from over the years and get some ideas on writing a proper press releases, that tend to get printed, here.

There are many reasons to send out a release. For example, your business has worked on a charity project raising money for your community. Or, you have trained and received a degree, certification, participated in Imaging Competition or won an award for your photography. Remember these releases need to be written in the third person, contain quotes from others about you and your work and quotes from yourself about what has taken place.

newspaper article in photography section kudosHere’s another article printed about my being named to the World Photographic Cup Team USA in the local entertainment paper Kudos.

In addition to the newspaper articles the story also appeared in the online edition of Kudos. I will also be linking this article on my blog to social media posts and sending out a release on LinkedIn etc. You can see how one event can be leveraged to get lots of exposure.

Remember people need to be touched anywhere from 7-13 times in your marketing before they will begin to remember your name. Get out there. Do good things. Share what you’ve done properly. Earn more business.

Yours in Creative Photography,       Bob