My wife has bee driving a Prius for the last three years and while I really like the gas mileage she’s been getting (about 54 MPG) That model didn’t have enough room for hauling photo gear. Also wasn’t real pleased about the visibility with some of the blind spots created in the design of the body.

Enter the Prius V (for Versatile) and I am a happy camper. It has a much bigger body, roomier design and visibility is just about perfect with large windshield and a clear view through a large back window. The gas mileage isn’t quite as good as my honey’s car but 40-44 MPG is nothing to sneeze at either.

P1000460_car_600_pix The new BCP photo car.

This time I opted for the magnetic signage instead of the more permanent decals. (boy was that a pain to remove!) I am often asked if I worry about marking my car as a photographer’s vehicle. I always answered no but being able to remove the signage at any time can be an answer to those who might be nervous having their car in a certain area and not wish to be advertising the fact that it may have photo gear inside. I believe the signage to be of great help in marketing my business especially as I’m in a small town. If you live in a large metropolitan area it might be less effective… Or maybe more as the possibility for more impressions is there.

Note that the graphic design of the signage is very clean and simple making it easy to read. Logo, web site and phone number. Easy ways for people to contact me… Also kept the Lumix G Changing Photography sign.  A word to the wise, As you are planning your signage make sure that where you intend to hang your sign is metal. Car bumpers, and some bodies are no longer metal and other places you might have thought were metal are now molded plastic.

Yours in Photography,         Bob