The Arizona Professional Photographers Association led by Bruce Roscoe had the weekend seeing and photographing parts of Monument Valley that many never get to experience. Here we were led into a box canyon to photograph horses running. It was a pretty cool experience…

galloping horse photo in monument valley

This was the most active horse. Excited and bucking and running with mane flying in the wind created by the speed.

photographers catching the running horses in the box canyon

AZPPA photographers capturing photos of the running horses in the box canyon.

grazing horses in monument valley

Horses taking a break to graze during the photo shoot in the canyon.

photographer in distance at monument valley

Linda went off in search of the best angle to photograph the Totem Poles and ended up being used as an element in my image.

All in all a wonderful trip! (did I tell you I enjoyed my time in Monument Valley?)

Trips like this are great to move you in a creative direction. There’s something about making images during travel to new locations to get your creative eye working and trying new ideas. When & where are you going next????

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob