More Images from the Driveway

When your mobility is cut down things that you take for granted become apparent. Assuming you can hop in your car, go for a hike, walk without assistance and generally go where and when the mood strikes you. (first images from the driveway here) Rehab underway and trying to get full mobility once again. Here’s what I am working on in trying to keep the creativity flowing.

false bird of papdise flowerBlooming Yellow Bird of Paradise set against a mesquite tree. The long reach of the Lumix FZ2500 (25-480mm) compressed the scene and allowed me to fill the frame with color and pattern.

hesper aloe plantThe is the bloom from a hesperaloe plant that I isolated against textures of mesquite pollen and leaves. Nothing spectacular but a little exercise in play. I’ll share my failures, as well as those I think, are more of a success.

cloudsClouds are always a source of wonder for me. The myriad shapes, layers, texture, and color are always an excellent source for images

antsAnt Dance. These critters are FAST. Had to spend a fair amount of time finding them in a still enough position. As a friend noted after seeing one of these ant photos, “I am getting a bit antsy!”

Thanks for following along and I hope some of the ideas I share are helpful to you.

Yours in Creative Photography,        Bob