Sometimes it takes more than one image to tell a story… So here are three that speak of an unusual intersection in Chicago during a photo walk at the Out of Chicago Conference…

diagonal crossing intersection in chicagoA strong dark slight diagonal of the signal pole with signage shouts the beginning the story.

Graphic lines intersection photoThe crosswalk with with strong leading lines to a possible destination across the way… Lots of shapes and line to wander around in the image.

bus in intersection photoAnd the reason you might want to be sure to wait for the signal!

Images created with the Lumix GX7 and 12-35mm f2.8 Vario lens. Exposure 14mm  f4 ISO 3200 1/50th sec. Camera set to Illustrative Art Mode pushed to black and white.

Think about creating stories in series with your image making… I could see these photos presented as a triptych.

Yours in Photography,          Bob