How often do you meet truly happy people?

Truly happy?

I’ve been staying at and attending events at the Hilton Phoenix Airport Hilton Hotel for the last 16 years so I get to know most of the people who work at the property. There are lots of standout, long term employees there. (AFAIK unusual in the service industry)

I was having a conversation with shuttle driver Nat about being happy. He shared that he was in the corporate world making good bucks, switched some stuff, got down-and-out sized and then decided to do something that made him happy rather than making him huge dollars. He’s been picking up and dropping off guests between the Phoenix Airport Hilton the Sky Harbor Airport for the last seven and a half years. I’ve seen him a lot in that time and never seen him without a big smile and a huge hello for me and everyone he comes in contact with.

nat at hilton hotel

Hilton Phoenix Airport Hotel Bell Captain/shuttle-driver/ambassador Nat

“What’s your point, Bob?”

Point is there are lots of ways to make money with your camera.

Do YOU still enjoy what you do?

Or are you just workin’ for the dollar. Life is short. Make sure you enjoy the ride. And, if you need a smile come on down to the Hotel and say ‘Hey!’ to Nat.

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob