Had the opportunity to take a few days off and travel to the mountains of New Mexico near the town of Silver City. Stayed in a cabin in the woods with and old friend of ours from St Thomas, USVI… Reminds me of an old joke. “To the woods, to the woods!” “Anywhere but the woods!!” “ANYWHERE???” “To the woods….”

But I digress I did bring some cameras with me to play with.

Probably the best all around camera for travel and convenience from Panasonic is the Lumix FZ1000. I like if for it’s fast glass, range of 25-400mm with a digital zoom option to take it to 1600mm and super light weight  about two and a half pounds. Here are a couple photos from the FZ near the cabin.

 deer in the woods...

Nature’s camo! If I hadn’t had the camera set to a shallow Depth of Field that deer would be almost invisible.

woodpecker in trees

These woodpecker were flitting from tree to tree in search of their next snack. Having a high perch on an upper deck made photographing them relatively easy. The 400mm reach of the lens didn’t hurt either.

Don’t forget to take your cameras with you on holiday. It’s a great time to learn new settings that can help you get better images while not under any pressure…

Yours in Creative Photography,        Bob