Jazz singer Vivian Sessoms entertained at Sound Bites Grill the other night and here’s her image for the SBG ‘Wall of Fame’.

vivian sessoms singing at sound bites

 Vivian Sessoms in art treatment for the ‘Wall of Fame’

I was testing the new Lumix G7 side by side with the Lumix GH4. Both cameras used the same lens and same settings. ISO 3200 f2.8 1/60th sec. It shows me they are comparable and the G7 would make a great back up for the GH4. Price makes this a cool camera for those on a budget. The G7 does miss out on a few pro features on handling, like having to remove a tripod plate to get to the battery and SD card compartment. It also has smaller batteries and is built on a plastic body. But, image quality looks to be on a par. And, at half the price of the GH4 depending on your workload you might be willing to put up with a few non-pro features!

Here’s a sample of a couple stage captures from each camera with the same settings.

captured with the lumix G7

This image was captured with the Lumix G7.

image captured with lumix GH4

Captured with the GH4.

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob

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