Happened in to Sound Bites Grill for a bite to eat and and heard some pretty cool sounds coming from the stage and wondered why I hadn’t been called to photograph the band for the ‘Wall of Fame’. I went around the corner and the owner looks and says, “Do you have your camera with you? This group needs to go on the ‘Wall’!” Well since I’ve gotten the Lumix GX7 I’ve pretty much had a camera with me all the time so I was able to say, “I do and picked up some work that night.” The camera has such a small profile and is so lightweight. Even with that I’m able to get lots of info from the files and not worry I don’t have enough pixels even though it’s a micro 4/3rds format.

As you know if you follow this blog I am a Panasonic Lumix Luminary but became one because I liked the small size of the cameras for travel. I am now finding more and more that I am using either this camera or the Lumix GH3 for 80 percent of my pro work and 100% of my travel – and as I learn more about the camera it will probably replace my current DSLR system…

adrenaline band photoAdrenaline Band image at Sound Bites Grill, Sedona, Arizona

Here’s a word or two from Charlene the lead singer and manager of the band. “That is freakin awesome!!!!!! I love your work!!!!   Do you have a rate sheet or price breakdown to do future pics??”

That’s music to my ears… Are you in a music group or do you know any band that needs some photography art work? If so please give me a shout. Thanks!