For a little test of the video capabilities this is one cool study of city life…

I had the Panasonic Lumix GX7 for a little while and was experimenting. Previous I hadn’t shot much video and definitely not on the street. I had been shooting testing some of the pre-sets in the camera and thought, “Let’s see what a video would look like shot that way. I set the camera on Illustrative Art then braced it on the railing and pushed the red button.

A New York Minute shot on the Lumix GX7
It is quite an interesting study on life in the city. In this single minute there is so much interaction. Maybe it’s because I’m a small town guy at heart but each time I watch this I see more and more things going on. There’s a couple joggers crossing against the light. A bicyclist rolls through and rings his bell. People chatting, walking, holding hands. The ambulance sounds in the background and enters the scene and all the different things that go with that.

Sound is very important in video and even in this ‘New York Minute’ it makes a huge difference and was captured by the built in stereo microphones. Enjoy… And let me know what you think. (yeah the art setting blocked up some of the shadows but I think it adds to the grittiness of the ‘film’)

Yours in Photography,      Bob