Got a burning business question?

Need help with Photoshop or an art project?

Just want to run some photo ideas by me?

It’s time to help support NILMDTS and yourself at the same time. There’s an online fundraising auction and there’s a bunch of photography stuff up for grabs including 2 different 2 hour coaching sessions with me. You can use the sessions to ask about business advice, get some one on one coaching in Photoshop or any other photography related session. These sessions are 1hour long but you get two of them. Normally $125 per hour but bidding starts at $100 for the package. If you wanted to try me out at a discount there’s a great chance for you. Click here to get to the photography items up for auction.

NILMDTS donation

Here’s a screen grab from the auction. I’m donating my time. You’ll get a deal. NILMDTS gets the money. Win, Win, Win!

Yours in Creative Photography,        Bob