“Off to harass the birds again are you?”

My wife Holly calls it harrassing cause I used to have to get very close to the birds to fill the frame and they often would leave in a snit at being disturbed… I call it photography while I study and capture behavior images. I really enjoy photographing birds. At her parents place which looks over the marsh in Delaware I’ve plenty of subjects.

I was curious as to how the Lumix FZ1000 would perform and I gotta tell ya it ain’t bad at all. Having a 400mm f4.0 lens is quite good. I’m even more impressed with the ability of the digital zoom going to 1600mm. At that zoom range some detail it starts to soften but being able to fill the frame from a long distance is more than worth the trade-off. Here is a sequence to show the range of the camera…

lumix fz1000 sequence

Images made from the same position. To get to the digital zoom of 1600mm you must be in jpeg capture mode.
Still, with proper exposure I’ll take the reach over being able to shoot in RAW.

osprey and nest photo

Osprey doing a flyby of her nest.

If I’m going to have one camera for vacation, or just to have at hand daily – that does almost everything I need – the Lumix FZ1000 is the one.

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob