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I really enjoy the field of view you can achieve with a panoramic photo. The Lumix GX8 is pretty solid with the in-camera stitching when you need a quick capture of the scene for sharing… And with this version going to print. There are still some occasional stitching errors in areas with lots of confusing crossing details or areas with hardly any detail but I had to look really, really hard to find a small error in one of the tree clumps… Sweet!

panorama photo sedona arizona

This is the view on the way to Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona. Heading down Verde Valley School Road in the Village of Oak Creek (view of the right side of Cathedral Rock)

Here’s a tip that some people don’t think of when creating Panos. Turn the camera to the vertical position as you make your capture. This will give you some more vertical room. You can also capture a next ‘row’ of image and stitch them together in Photoshop or your favorite Pano program.

One more thought to help get smoother stitching… Point your feet toward or slightly past where you would like the pano to end. Then pivot your stomach muscles to the beginning of the captures and use your stomach muscles to move the camera with your elbows tucked in and the camera touching your forehead.

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob

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