Been looking to save some time in editing? Here’s a chance to try a software that makes up to twelve adjustments on your images automatically. It’s called Perfectly Clear from Athentech Imaging. Here’s the scoop… It’s a Mother’s day Sale…

mothers-day-email-banner-_-RV_800-pixYou can download Perfectly Clear and try it out right away. It will give you access for 30 days no strings attached. Although here’s a real bonus if you try it out and purchase it during this Mother’s Day sale between this Friday May 9th NOW and Sunday May 11th at midnight you get it for half price! It’s on sale for 50% off. And, there’s still a 30 day money back guarantee.

The link I give you leads to a place to enter Coates for your discount. Go ahead and download the trial.

Here are a few samples… Up to 12 different adjustments to each image with a single click or two.

person inage adjustment samplePortrait setting used in Perfectly Clear

landscape bridge photoUsed the Landscape preset.

crane bird photoThe Default setting. Fixed underexposure and highlighted color and contrast.

flower image adjustmentDefault setting adding a vivid adjustment. It opened up the shadows and added some punch quickly.