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Copyright Protection for Photographers

Ever found an image of yours being used without being paid for it?

I’ll bet you have. Whether it was a portrait client making prints from scans of your images or someone lifting a photograph from your website and using it without permission. Wait a minute, we all know as soon as you press the shutter button you own the copyright to the image, right? Right!

That’s true. But, professional photographers have long been left out of the copyright system. Legislation is underway for a Small Claims Process that will give photographers an equal seat at the copyright table!

Get the basic story in the video below.

Unless the infringement is more than $30,000 you won’t be able to defend your copyright in court.
And that sucks!

Professional Photographers of America has been on Capitol Hill lobbying legislators to help creators be able to have a small claims court option for protection of their work.

copyright helpAnd now YOU can help! It’s easy but necessary for all creatives to get involved.

Join the Grassroots team to be part of getting the legislation passed.

You do not have to be a PPA member, or even a photographer, to be part of this copyright protection for ALL visual artists. Sign in to see how you can help. It won’t take much of your time. Encourage all of your photographer and artist friends to be part of this historic legislation. There probably won’t be a chance like this again in our lifetime. Everyone is needed to contact congress about how important it is to implement this small claims system

Everyone is needed to contact congress about how important it is to implement this small claims system. Add your voice to help protect your rights and livelihood.

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob

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