Friendly to the point of knowing no strangers, only friends he has not met.

I’d like to introduce you to Levi Sim of S Designs Photography. He is a truly wonderful human being. But, I’ll let Levi tell you a bit about himself from his web page…

“I’m the Levi who is a Photographer in Lake Oswego, Oregon, previously of Logan, Utah. I’m the Levi who wears hats. I’m the Levi who makes Steve Jobs tribute portraits after the style of Albert Watson. I’m the Levi who grew up in Colorado Springs. I’m the Levi who was a park ranger, soda jerk, lab assistant, curator, adventure guide, foreign English teacher, Taiwan missionary, wood shop manager, buffalo meat company manager, wireline hand, electronics engineer, and world traveler. Did I mention I’m a photographer?”

I have attended a couple photography related events with Levi and I’m always impressed and inspired by my time with him. Here’s a photo I call Levi squared… Story to follow.

levi sim and levi photoLevi Squared!

We were leading some of the Out of Chicago Conference attendees on a photo walk. Levi is the absolute best person at walking up to strangers on a street and in moments having them pose for his camera. He has such a genuine way about him that people just open up tell their stories and allow him to make their images. While on the street photographing people this man came up to Levi and said, “What’s your name?” When Levi replied he ran down the street, came back with his ID in his hand and said, “I’m Levi too! Can I hug you? Can I put my head on your shoulder?” And of course the photo tells the story… and tells you a lot about Levi.

Want to learn to get over your shyness in asking people you find interesting to pose for your camera. Take a photo walk with Levi. I’m not exactly shy around people but Levi makes me look like a wallflower! He would have people doing almost anything he asked. Many of the people who were on the photo walk said adamantly that they would never feel comfortable approaching a stranger to ask about making a photograph… and most proved themselves wrong and jumped some pretty high hurdles by making it happen.

Levi simm photographer in chicago photo P1120178_levi_MC_600_pix

Total stranger posing on a motorcycle, in traffic, and maneuvering his bike for the background Levi wanted to have behind him. By the time he was done the guy was inviting us to join him at dinner down the street.

Photo on the streets of chicagoLevi workin’ it…

If you ever get the chance to attend a seminar or workshop with Levi you won’t regret it. He also coaches and runs Customized Workshops and speaks at conventions. If you are in charge of photo education for your group Levi is available…

And he gives back, his words again ’cause I can’t say it better.

“Guest Speaking opportunities are also lots of fun for me and my audience. I’d be happy to speak to your school class, or Boy Scout group, or church group, or quilting circle.  Call me and we’ll make an appointment–it’s a small way for me to do a little giving back.”

Levi is a photographer to follow and I hope you will give his work a look it’s definitely worth it. on twitter @photolevi

Yours in Photography,       Bob

PS – Waking up on my last day at the Out of Chicago Conference I found an envelope from Levi with a note about working together over the weekend… Who writes handwritten ‘Thank You’ notes anymore? That would be Levi…