Serendipity. That’s a lovely word. It’s musical in sound. And can add musical notes to your photography and it comes around more often if you keep your camera close at hand all the time.

Having dinner at Sound Bites Grill in Sedona last night and came across this snifter sitting on the bar with beautiful light all around so I fired off a few frames. Love the colors. Enjoy the soft background. This would make a great illustration for a newspaper or magazine article about bars, cocktails or many other subjects. I am always looking for things like this for my stock files but also just to study light, shape, form and how the camera sees so if I need to create something like this for a bar or restaurant advertising image in the future I’ll have it in my arsenal.

bob coates photography image of snifter on bar‘Snifter on bar’ was captured with a Lumix GX7 and the f2.8 35mm to 100mm at 89mm iso 800 at f2.8 at 1/10 sec. The camera was sitting on the bar for support to keep the slow shutter speed from blurring the image. My GX7 is with me most of the time… And with the Think Tank small pouch on my belt I’ve got plenty of lenses too.