The animals spoke to me….

Well not literally. But, I felt the need and desire to work with the images to see what I could come up with. One bird you’ll even recall from a previous post spread it’s wings to a mental request I sent it. (OK maybe it was just coincidence…) This led to a personal project to design colorful, dynamic t-shirts on speculation for the Sarasota Jungle Gardens in, you guessed it Sarasota, Florida.

I felt the back lit palm fronds made a gorgeous colorful background for the birds. I added some texture files to add some depth. While still in Florida I went there to share a couple ideas, received an excellent reception and a request to do a few others. We are in negotiations now to see if the spec work pays off in cash. It already has paid dividends in the learning cycle of improving my graphics work.

photography graphic design for t-shirt imageBlue Gold Macaw T-Shirt design for Sarasota Jungle Gardens – Sarasota, Florida

photography graphic design for t-shirt imageOne of the stars of the show the Pink Flamingo

photography graphic design for t-shirt imageMacaw T-shirt design

photography graphic design for t-shirt imageYou’ll recognize my cooperative macaw from a previous post…

Raw images for the designs were captured with the Lumix GX7 my current favorite camera for travel and all-around photography work. It is a solid workhorse camera and paired with the 35-100mm f2.8 lens worked great for this visit to the gardens.