I was extremely fortunate in PPA Imaging Competition this past year.

It resulted in earning a Silver Photographer of the Year Award in the Photographic Open and a Diamond Photographer of the Year Award in the Artist category. For those unfamiliar with the awards they are for having all four of your images submitted attaining Merit status which for simplicity sake is defined as an ‘above-average’ image made by an ‘above-average’ photographer. The Silver designation comes from additionally having one of those images selected for inclusion into the PPA Loan Collection. The Diamond comes from all four of the images being accepted in the the Loan Collection of which there were only 24 this year. For more in-depth information on the International Photographic Competition and awards check here.

PPA degree medals and awards

Diamond four for four Merits with four Loan Collection images. Silver four for four Merits with one Loan Collection image. Imaging Excellence Award for thirteen Loan Collection images. Three medals are for the Degrees the most recent being the Master Artist Degree.

american society of photographers bronze award

The American Society of Photographers has an additional judging of their member’s Loan Collection images and
Awards a Gold, Silver and Bronze Medallion to the top three ASP member images.

Received lots of congratulations from fellow photographers that remind me of what a wonderful way we have to make a living, learning, sharing while being creative. I am truly thankful that this is the way I choose to make my living and live my life among so many wonderful people.

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob

PS – You think there are any possibilities for press releases from this good fortune? You betcha!