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If you are a PPA member you’ll be able to stream the International Photographic Competition (IPC).

Even if you don’t have images in the competition there’s a wealth of information and ideas that get shared during challenges.

A challenge is put forward whenever one of the jurors doesn’t agree with the result of an image being accepted as a Merit or non Merit. The challenger states his/her reasons. The other jurors respond with their thoughts and the challenger has an opportunity to rebut then the image is scored again. Sometimes it seems as if the judging is moving quickly. But, please remember there are 7 sets of eyes, 6 jurors and the Jury Chair, and any one of those may challenge the result. Sometimes if an image goes by and a juror feels it was missed the image can be called back for further review. We are all charged with doing the absolute best for our makers while still protecting the value of the Merit which is the basis for earning the imaging degrees of Master of Photography and Master Artist.

By the way PPA members are invited and encourages to watch the process live. The event is held just outside Atlanta.

The address for streaming the event is

Tune in August 3-6 and Be More Inspired!

Competition Judging Live Stream

  • Monday, Aug. 3, 8: 15am-6pm
  • Tuesday, Aug. 4, 12:15-9pm
  • Wednesday, Aug. 5, 9:15am-6pm
  • Thursday, Aug. 6, 8:15am-6pm
IPC Live with Booray Perry

  • 11am & 2pm
  • 2pm & 6pm
  • 11am & 2pm
  • 11am & 2pm

ppa loan collection image

Here’s one of my images that was accepted into PPA’s Loan Collection last year. Here’s a link to all eight images that either were awarded a Merit or Loan Collection status.