I often talk about getting your name out in your community by writing and distributing press releases. And photographers often come back with, “I tried that! It didn’t work!”

Sending out press releases, and getting them printed is an art as well as a science. And it takes ongoing effort. It is not a one shot deal. The editors need to get to know that the material you send on a regular basis is of good quality and will take little effort from them as far as editing goes. Any single press release may or may not get printed due to, space limitations, subject matter, style of writing, time constraints, etc…

I will tell you that if you write solid content that is not just ‘puff piece information’ about your business the more time you send in press releases the more times they will be printed. Here’s an example of an appearance in local newspaper in Sedona, Arizona the Red Rock News.

red rock news press release image

Red Rock News article from press release by me…

Press releases sent out to different media outlets can come out at different times depending on their needs. If you write a release that is less time sensitive you have more chance of getting the article in print as press releases tend to get used to fill out space that’s empty when the deadline is coming up fro the presses to roll. I they need to fill 7 column inches and your release is standing by ready to go. There you are… Having images in your submission adds more  versatility for the editor. See this article in another paper for different layout possibilities from the same information.

Learn how to write good press releases. Find subjects that work for your target media. And send out those releases. For more ideas or help in giving good press releases get in touch with me.

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob