The Range Cafe – Albuquerque New Mexico

sometimes you just find an environment that is a target rich for making fun photographs. I found one such place while in Albuquerque, New, Mexico while presenting my PhotoSynthesis program for the Professional Photographers of New Mexico.

The decor in this place is a hoot with a painted panorama that is disgorging three-D cows, trucks, and other goodies. Meanwhile other parts of the restaurant display blasts of color and neon goodness. (You know that I like neon right?)

Here are a few images from dinner last night. All were made with the Lumix FZ1000 an east comfortable camera to keep on hand that will cover almost all possibilities. I used the built-in HDR setting to help with some of the challenging lighting situations. The next camera in the FZ line is now out with even more features. FZ2500

neon clockNeon rimmed blue light clock face with a red background. Love it!

cows from mural at range cafeA mural that has pink and blue cows jumping out of the painted panorama is not something you’ll come across every day.

trucks from muralA highway comes out of the mural with multi-colored painted trucks. Way cool!

classic neonClassic neon sculpture is part of te Cafe decor

A restaurant with unique decor, fun furniture, colors that dance and light fixtures that take you to the moon and the stars can be found in Albuquerque. Oh, and I didn’t mention the namesake part of the decor which is antique toy ranges and stoves from the 50’s and 60’s.

range cafe business cardFind the Range Cafe here

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob