The water dances, trickles and flows across the red rocks leaving music in it’s wake accompanied by the morning song of our avian friends…

Thought I’d share a video on beautiful Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing in Sedona, Arizona. I am once again extremely fortunate to live in absolutely beautiful place. Here are a couple minutes of peace and tranquility. Turn up the volume sit back, relax and listen.

Two Minutes of Tranquility. Enjoy!

The Initial photo starting the video is an HDR rendition blended together from a five stop capture. Processed three of the images in Camera RAW and layered them together in ®Photoshop and used masks to blend them together. This allows me to process the image exactly the way I want without the strong ‘HDR’ look. The scene definitely called for some help in taming the dynamic range.

Cathedral Rock sedona arizona photoHere’s the HDR version….

example photoHere is a single capture from the Cathedral Rock scene…

Images and video were captured with Lumix GX7 and the 12-35mm f2.8 Vario Lens. Just after sunrise for about an hour. I was not pushing things captured in Mpeg format cause I know I’m only going to make a YouTube Video. The files were processed in Adobe Premeire Pro. Been trying to learn the program but found it to be a bit deep (because it has so many possibilities) so I’ve been a bit slow to take it up. But I found on there are some great Premeire Pro intro videos from Brandon Ford that got me over the hump and this is my first official test.

By the way, if you are/were a NAPP member don’t let it lapse as you are now subscribed to KelbyOne training at the old NAPP rate of $99 per year. If you let it lapse you’ll only get back in at the higher rate. I’m finding the content there to be professionally produced and a great value. Tons of tutorials and tons of videos on all the Adobe products and they are producing more each week. Even at the higher rate it’s a great deal if you want to learn a lot from the best.

Yours in Photography,       Bob