Many times the cross country flight can be one of pain and torture. This particular flight to Phoenix from JFK was shortened by a single magazine. At PhotoPlus Expo in New York I had the pleasure of running into Alexandra Niki one of the editors of Resource Magazine. After giving me a great hug she slipped me the latest copy, the Fall Issue. I was wowed by the quality and variety of articles. Covering biz, tech, imaging, the arts and more. There were interesting takes on interviews with artists including how’s and whys of their image-making.

resource magazine header imageImagine my shock when I looked up and realized three hours had passed while working my way through the pages. Definitely sparked some creative ideas. Now I can’t wait for the next issue… You can find your quarterly copy at newsstands around the country, order a subscription for 30 bucks at It’s also available online but I think you are going to want to touch this one. Cover stock and reproduction of imagery is pretty darn nice. Whether old school or new you’ll want to check this out.

Just have questions about the subscription service? try

Here’s how Resource describe themselves… “Resource Magazine is a photo and video quarterly publication. Originally focused on photography, we quickly expanded to video when technology began to mesh the two worlds. The magazine is filled with inspiration, techniques, product reviews, photo essays and interviews with big name pros. Established professionals and aspiring image-makers alike can find something to inspire or inform them, and learn a new trick or two along the way.

Resource brings a fresh approach to the field of photo/video magazines, with a unique tone of voice and point of view. We talk to (and about) everyone involved on a shoot, from creatives working in advertising agencies, to studio staff, on-set crew and image-makers (be they photographers or videographers). Our articles are about the stuff that happens on (and off) set and the reality of working in this creative, fast-paced, and fun field.”