And then I felt this warm drippy sensation on my arm…

Yep! If you get underneath seagulls while they are feeding you can be shat upon.

It was interesting shooting video from behind (and under) the birds. In addition to the extra present sent my way I thought it was fun capturing this angle for something a bit different.

As I was working on the Lumix GH4 4K files I saw some still frames I want to extract to to experiment with in creating some art pieces. Since I was shooting the video in 4K I’ll be able to pull 8MP still frames. Now I wasn’t shooting in 4K Photo Mode so the frames will have some movement in them which is what I like about them. If I was to capture in the Photo Mode the shutter speed would have been automatically increased in order to make sure there was no ‘Rolling Shutter” in the still frames.

Seagulls in Sarasota, Florida video.
Lots of fun to be had with the new tools that keep coming our way!
Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob