Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts part 2

In a post a couple days ago I talked about an art installation at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts and how it moved me and made me sad…

Well, there was another installation there that saved me from spiraling too far down into the depths. It was Bruce Munro’s Ferryman’s Crossing.

When I first walked in to the Crossing I thought, “WTH??? It’s a bunch of CD’s on the floor…

ferryman's crossing at smocaFirst look at Ferryman’s Crossing

And despite my initial reaction I decided to spend some time checking it out. Glad I did.

The CD’s are tilted in two directions with lights flashing down from the ceiling from different angles, timings and places. This is not an environment you want to be in if you are epileptic but strangely enough it is a very calming place to be. There are large expanses of concrete receiving the reflections bounced off of the cleverly placed CD’s.

Sounds of a stream with birdsong and wildlife are piped in while the reflected lights play as a dance upon the walls. The longer you stay in the art the more you see. Yes I said in the art. You can walk as though on the banks of the stream. As in Joseph’s Coat from the bible many colors appear among the CD’s while the soft reflections play upon the walls.

Here’s a short video to give you a feel for the movement within the art.

Maybe it’s because I consider myself a ‘child of the water’ and enjoy all kinds of water I felt more at home here the longer I inhabited the space.

I did think to try and push the envelope of my creativity to see what I might capture with my camera. So in addition to the ‘straight’ images I photographed here are a few from my experimental foray. I looked for slightly different images to tell the story of this art piece.

smoca images from ferrymans crossingZooming the lens slightly during capture led to the electric colors and patterns

smoca art instalation imageRotating the lens and moving during capture…

Images were captured with the Lumix LX100 camera. To make the colors appear richer I set an underexposure of approximately 2 stops. Slight processing and enhancing with Adobe Camera Raw using the highlight and shadow sliders…

Sometimes we need to spend time in a place before it begins to share it’s innermost secrets with us.

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob