On the Big Park Loop Trail this morning leaving from Bell Rock Vista Parking lot. Flowers are littering the landscape! Add a bit of rain to the desert and it responds in very short order. Pleasantly surprised as this spring was very dry and the flower show was fairly quiet.

The hiking is prime as temperatures are in the high 50’s to low 60’s around sunrise. Here are a couple of images from the walk but not as wonderful as I’d like as I didn’t come equipped with the correct lenses for getting up close and personnel with the blooms… That will be rectified tomorrow!

desert wildflower photo mojave sonoran chihuahaun

As close as I can tell, because there are so many similar desert blooms in this family, this is a
Great Basin Mojave Sonoran Chihuahaun AKA Yellow Spring Daisy.

jones Penstimon flower photo

A Jones Penstemon flower bloom. I love how nature dropped the bloom to accent and intertwined with the Yucca…

red rock reflection image

Little surprises can pop up if you stay aware. Like this reflection of first light on Courthouse Butte in the puddle left in the wash.

Camera data. Images captured with the Lumix GX7 and Lumix 20mm f1.7. Photos are SOOC. (straight out of camera)

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob