The clouds led to some interesting lighting conditions when I drove up the hill overlooking West Sedona so I popped out to see if it would translate into a cool photograph. What I saw in my mind was not what I was able to capture in my camera but it wasn’t terrible.

sedona arizona panorama photo

This is the color ‘straight version. I liked the play of light and shadow but thought there was more there with a little artwork.

sedona old time panorama image

Using a couple NIK Color FX filters (Glamour Glow & Old Time Photo) I feel like this image was made many years ago and
could work as a decor piece for a business that caters to a more timeless vision of Sedona.

The panorama was made from 7 photos with the camera held in the vertical position and stitched in Adobe Photoshop. Manual settings including focus and exposure on the Lumix GH4 made it easier to stitch the pano. The lens was the Lumix 35-100mm f2.8. With the stitching I ended up with a 150MB file which can be printed pretty darn large.

What ‘Cha think?

YOurs in Creative Photography,       Bob