There are times when not having a camera can make you crazy.

Thanks to the camera I call the “Pro’s Point & Shoot” this was not one of those times.

I try not to carry a lot of photo gear with me when my wife & I are together. But as we headed out for dinner last night even she went “OMG! That’s beautiful!!” and didn’t mind watching the sunset blaze into more and deeper colors while I stopped to grab some photos of the heavenly display here in my hometown of Sedona, Arizona.

sedona sunset photo

Sunset in the Village of Oak Creek with Castle Rock in silhouette.

courthouse butte sunset photo sedona arizona

Don’t forget to turn your head around when shooting spectacular sunsets as this was happening at the same time in another direction!

Oh, the “Pro’s Point & Shoot” I was referring to is the Lumix LX100. A solid magnesium body with an f1.7-2.8 DC Vario Summilux lens with a 25-75mm range zoom. I’ve had great success with this 12MP camera that ‘almost’ fits in your pocket.

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob